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Vietnam Head Hunting Service. United Power Consulting is a platform for mid and high-level talents seeking out the job opportunities in Vietnam as well as for Vietnamese enterprises who have been expanding for years. Regard to our service, you may find the right people for any corporate position at your company in Vietnam, while at the same time we aim at protecting the rights and interests of both candidate and the enterprise, so as to achieve a win-win outcome.

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Why choose United Power Consulting?

Deeply rooted in the Vietnamese reality, we thoroughly understand the Vietnamese employment market and the distribution of talents. Many businesses can not find talent through world-renowned headhunters, and eventually it is only through our service that they find the right people. We provide the industry's most secure 120-day security policy (usually it is only 60 days), and we set a maximum charge limit, only by calculating monthly salary. At the same time we protect the rights and interests of enterprises and job-seekers.

Vietnam Consultation Service for Mid and High-level Job Seekers

  • We offer the best free career planning for middle and high-level talents in Vietnam. We provide analysis and consultation, such as analysis of C.V. competitiveness and we help you to shape your own personal branding. By doing so, you will strengthen your advantages, as well as honestly face the disadvantages. We will also help you develop and improve appropriate interview strategies.
  • We provide suitable job opportunities and vacancies. We also assist job seekers in their job search and interview process. We also provide help in salary planning and in protecting individual rights and interests.


Headhunter Service for Enterprises

  • Our headhunter shall provide Vietnamese employers brand consulting and planning, talent strategy and talent recommendation.
  • Recommend mid and high-level talents for Vietnamese enterprises; provide advice for integrating in the corporate culture in order to strengthen the adhesion of qualified personnel.


The main contractual content between United Power Consulting and the Enterprise is as follows:

  1. A deposit contract shall be signed to protect the rights and interests of both parties. The contractual deposit is deductible from the service fee;
  2. The deposit shall be returned if no appropriate C.V: is proposed within two months;
  3. For each successful candidate, United Power Consulting's charging fees are more reasonable than the average industry (the market rate is 20-30% of salary + bonus, ours is not);
  4. There is a trial period of up to 120 days, if the candidate is not suitable, we shall offer another one for free;
  5. Suitable for recruitment of all nationalities;
  6. The contract contains confidentiality agreement between the parties.


United Power Consulting Head Hunting and Matchmaking Operating Mode :

  1. Analysis and evaluation of enterprise talent needs;
  2. Sign a cooperation contract;
  3. United Power Consulting searches for the right people in Vietnam through all the consultants available based on the company's talent needs;
  4. Consultants are responsible for a first interview and a preliminary selection of job seekers;
  5. We provide interview results as well as advice to the enterprise;
  6. We organize interviews between job seekers and the enterprise;
  7. We provide the enterprise with post-interview advice and analysis;
  8. Induction guidance and counseling.


If you feel like changing your career or if you are a Vietnamese enterprise ready to recruit talents, feel free to  " Ω CONTACT US! " . We will have the pleasure and honor of being at your service!