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HRM systems must perform the fundamental functions of salary calculation, attendance management, shift arrangement, leaves management of the factories or companies in Vietnam and South Asia. But in many of those systems, a lot of mistakes have occurred or they require too much manpower to carry out the processes......United Power Software Technology ( UP TECH )



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Traditional HRM System or DIY system

  • Slow
  • Can not keep up with Vietnamese labor laws.
  • Can not satisfy the developmental needs of the company
  • Expensive (Has to own a server, database, firewall, and keep an IT staff to maintain them)
  • Language and interface inflexibility

Our United Power Smart HRM Cloud System

  • Fast and stable, more than 500 companies use it
  • Stay updated with the latest Vietnamese laws, no need to pay for the upgrade
  • Vietnamese, English, Chinese versions, RWD design, runs on all kinds of devices
  • Save time for your HR, to create more value-added tasks or jobs
  • The budget is extremely reasonable, to save huge cost

Expenses of a traditional Vietnamese HRM System, attached with ERP, or DIY system :

  • Basic functions of a HRM System(USD5,000-8,000)
  • Need to set up a server(USD5,000-8,000)
  • Need to buy a database(USD7,000-9,000)
  • Need to buy firewalls(USD8,000-15,000)
  • Need anti-virus software, IT experts to operate them....
  • Around USD 25,000-40,000 in total

The system above presents many problems:

  • Could not satisfy business needs, such as birthday allowance, full attendance bonus, trade union fee (dues), All kinds of plus or minus items. Still need to work with Excel then upload the results to the system.
  • High charges for upgrading when the Vietnamese Labor Law, Social Insurance Law are updated.
  • High charges are required when the company needs to enhance the function of the system.
  • There are either too many or too few arrangements of shifts, needing extra re-work to fix.
  • Have to purchase a server, a database, firewalls, anti-virus software, and server room.... very expensive, and these things will be outdated very soon. You need to upgrade frequently.
  • Need to hire IT specialists to manage the tasks mentioned above. The quality and the skill set of the people and their management are also problematic.
  • Cannot pre-schedule shifts.
  • The system runs very slowly.
  • Doesn't have sufficient language supports.
  • Most of the software or systems only can run on a PC. Less mobility.
  • Very expensive, or extremely expensive.

Powerful   Accurate   Fast   &  Cost Saving

United Power Vietnam Smart HRM Cloud System with Vietnamese-English-Japanese-Chinese Interface
  • Easy ! Vietnam social insurance and each kind of salary items.
  • Flexible ! To set all kinds of plus and minus items of salary, allowance, and bonuses without any extra efforts (such as excel or other tool kit):
    • Trade Union Fee (Dues)
    • Birthday allowance
    • Full attendance bonus
    • All other kinds of incentive and allowance
    • Bonus for special holidays
    • Reimbursement or deduction for employment termination
  • One click to simulate shifts scheduling, never worry about over or under arrangement.
  • Can synchronize with or replace time-keeping machine or time and attendance system.
  • Very Speedy (5 seconds)

    • Manager can know the working status of all team members.
    • Search all employees' attendance and salary.
    • Provide tables and documents for Labor auditing.
    • Manage the company's important information of attendance, statistic of salary, headcount budget.
Our Flexible Interface
  • Vietnamese, English, Japanese, and Chinese interfaces
  • RWD runs for PCs, Android Tablets, iPads, Smartphones
  • Runs on Web pages, so it is not necessary to install programs
We save huge amounts of cost for our customers
  • not necessary to buy software, server, database, firewall, and ... not necessary to hire IT people to manage those.
  • the price is very reasonable: implementation fee + monthly renting fee (monthly renting fee equals to half the salary of a HR specialist at a company with 100 employees)
  • take a company with 100 employees for example:​
    • after using our system, the needed manpower (for dealing with salary calculation, attendance...) can be reduced from 20 working days/person to 3 working days/person​
      the saving per year
      = 17days X 420,000 (daily salary with social insurance) X 12 (month)
      ​= VND 85,680,000

    • reduce the amount of time that employees take to apply for leaves through our system
      the saving per year​
      = 100 person X 50 times X 15minutes X hourly rate​
      = 5000 X 15 minutes X hourly rate​
      = 1250 hours X hourly rate​
      = 1250 X 30,000 (average of hourly rate)​ 
      = VND 37,500,000

    • in the first year, the total saving for a company
      VND 123,180,000 + USD 25,000 - 40,000

    • from the second year, every year the company will save
      VND 75,000,000
Around 500 companies are our customers (in Taiwan, German, France, USA, Japan and China), and we can serve your company in Vietnam now:
Why choose United Power Smart HRM Cloud System
  • External Impact
    • the Vietnamese Labor Law changes frequently
    • the labor auditing from government, customers or NGO
    • the modification of social insurance rate
  • Internal Challenge
    • timely incorporation of new Vietnamese laws and social insurance
    • instantly provides data for labor auditing
    • reduce the loss from people's careless mistake or illegal acts
  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • to strengthen the HR system and policy
    • to accelerate the process of HR tasks
    • to manage annual budgets easily
Traditional System VS United Power Smart HRM Cloud System


Traditional System


United Power


USD 25,000 - 40,000

some has long term contract


Monthly rate, no long term contract

Service Ceased


Cannot get a refund


Can stop the service (inform us 3 months in advance)

Maintenance Cost


Around 15-20% of the expense of the software


Around 1/5-1/4 of the traditional cost

Hidden Costs


Server, electricity, cable, operation system, database, IT specialists and their leaves



Upgrade Cost


Has to pay for it



System Maintenance & Security


Needs specialist to maintain the server, network, anti-virus, firewall setting


Nope !Our cloud server & firewall are from Amazon

Maintain the Server Room


It's not easy to setup a server room to meet the professional requirements (some clients lost their data to fires or floods)


Top level cloud server at USA Amazon

Cable Security


Should buy the security certificate


SSL Certificate &
256BIT encryption



Depends on the equipment and people's skillset


Amazon EC2 Technology, which offers very high stability


No matter your business in Vietnam and South Asia is a Giant, Big, Medium, Small or Micro-sized, you need a world-class Smart HRM Cloud System to support your salary calculation, attendance management, shifts scheduling and leaves management. Please feel free to  " Ω CONTACT US! " . It will be our pleasure and honor to be at your service!

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Smart HRM Cloud System in Vietnam and South Asia