HR Solutions:On-Time & Accurate Payroll Operations - The Easiest Step For Digitizing Your Business

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During 3-5 days from the next day of the monthly payday, does your company's HR, accounting, and finance teams begin to organize data, calculate salary, and check the correctness?

The next day of the monthly payday, our Vietnam Smart HRM Cloud System will automatically produce a 100% correct payslip to the employees of our clients' companies.

A smart system of salary calculation, attendance management, shift arrangement, leaves management of factories or companies in a cloud is a simple step in digitizing your enterprises in Vietnam and a critical step in advanced business management.

Give us 0.5 to 1 Specialist's monthly salary, our system will release 3-8 staffs of your company, shorten the overall 3-5 working days directly, let people perform in more valuable work. It is equivalent to creating more than 7 times value; please see how we assist our customers in doing it.

Above: Our client designs and produces the structure of the payslip. We have a convenient drag-and-drop function for easy adjustment.





  • Intuitive and straightforward inputting an attendance data

    • The identifying function and GPS positioning in our smartphone APP, as well as the upcoming instant photo punch card system, allowing employees to click-in and out for attendance records without buying a punch card machine. Suitable for office or staff assigned to a remote area.

    • It can also link to your existing punch card machine, and the attendance data can be directly uploaded to the cloud system to complete the data transmission without manual operation and key in.

  • Online application for applying for a leave, overtime, signing off, correction; actual paperless operation

    • Mobile phones, computers, and tablets can connect to the cloud system, operate it anytime and anywhere.

    • The processed data directly becomes the basis of the cloud system's salary calculation, without manual operations such as Key in, saving time and labors.

  • Flexible and convenient decentralization and centralization mechanism

    • One of our customers has three factories in Vietnam with independent payroll operations.
    • We set three separate and independent organizations for them. The HR of each factory can only access and manage responsible data and information.

    • They originally wanted to buy three sets of software. Fortunately, they use ours. One set fulfills the requirement.

  • Accurate Vietnamese overtime payment, social insurance,  income tax treatment
    • Overtime pay, night work allowance, overtime on weekdays, overtime on Sunday, overtime on Vietnamese national holidays, the overtime rates are different.

    • About the calculation and logic of Vietnamese overtime payment with other countries, it has unique features that cannot be applied by other countries' systems.
    • Some of our customers have developed their robust HRM systems and use them in their headquarters and branches in other countries; however, we are the company that is responsible for handling the HRM system for their Vietnam branch.

    • One of the reasons we can do this is because our consultants have more than 22 years of human resource experience. Engineers who design various functions, formulas, parameters and equations have a high degree of digital logic capabilities.

    • The second reason we can manage is to match the various time-slots of the working hours with the legal overtime rate in Vietnam to capture the length of time. Please see the picture below:
  • The highly protected authorization mechanism
    • Permissions of various confidential levels can tailor to every on-line staff, and confidential management is adequately managed.

    • It can authorize the operator and inspector with different levels of authority.

Leverage our Vietnam Smart HRM Cloud System is a simple step in digitizing your enterprises in Vietnam and a critical step in advanced business management.

Introduction : Vietnam Smart HRM Cloud System

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On-Time & Accurate Payroll Operations - The Easiest Step For Digitizing Your Business